Jim Welch

Jim Welch, Drums

Jim Welch, originally from Southern Maryland, has a musical career path that spans across the northeast. He started playing drums at the wee age of 3 yrs. old, a junior member of his large musical family. As a young man he refined his style under private instruction from 3 different drummers from
the U.S. Air Force Jazz Band in Clinton, Maryland. He was also a member of a small but well-respected drum corps, “The Clinton Gold Diggers” and played with the Prince George’s County Youth Symphony Orchestra in Maryland.

In the late 70’s and 80’s, Jim was drumming for a popular D.C.-based Rock/Fusion cover band, “Prophyle.” Another project he was involved with during the 80’s was “I.C.U.” where he developed an interest in “new jack swing,” rap and funk styles. He later joined forces with his wife as the drummer for City Heat, a top-40 variety band also based in the D.C. area.

It was in 1991 that Jim relocated to Western Pennsylvania with his family where he formed “Dreamscape”, a 7-piece variety band, taking on the role of bandleader as well as drummer, focused primarily on upscale private parties and weddings. “Dreamscape” was one of the top bands in the area.

Several years later, Jim relocated yet again to New Hampshire where a unique opportunity presented itself with an international 6-piece prog-rock original band “Mavara,” that had been touring in the U.S. and settled in to New Hampshire. Their latest album “Consciousness” features Jim on drums and has received world-wide acclaim in this complex yet melodic genre of progressive rock.

Jim wasn’t influenced by any one artist or particular genre but rather by many, from jazz, rock, alternative, top-40 and funk. His newest project with “She Funk” is a shift in gears from progressive rock to funk, setting aside technical complexity and drawing from raw instinct driven by the groove. In addition to being a key member of the rhythm section, his integral role in “She-Funk” behind-the-scenes has been critical in the launch of the project, managing sound equipment for rehearsals.

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  1. Donna H Johnson says:

    Jimmy is the greatest. He is happiest with sticks in his hands. Best of luck and love forever. donna

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