Katie Shelhamer

Katie Shelhamer, Vocals/Harmony

Originally from Upstate NY, Katie is new to the seacoast area, brought here by her time at the University of New Hampshire. As one of the younger members of the band she doesn’t have a long performance history, but she does have a longstanding and eclectic love of all things musical. Somewhere (expertly hidden from the public) there are old home videos of Katie as a toddler, rocking out to Aretha Franklin with her light up tambourine. Over the years she has played clarinet, oboe, piano, guitar, and bass, but the one thing she’s never stopped doing is singing. Throughout middle school and high school Katie was a member of several choral and band ensembles and could often be found hanging out in the band room with friends, performing angsty renditions of Green Day songs. While attending UNH she realized she couldn’t go without an outlet for her musical tendencies and decided to try something new by joining the all-female a cappella group Maiden Harmony. Post-graduation she again felt the toll of being without a musical group and jumped on the opportunity to audition for She Funk. Having always loved big laughs, loud music, and use of the word ‘funky’, She Funk was a perfect fit.